My Teaching

Teaching is one of my biggest passions. I guess it’s because I’ve always been a bit vocal and bossy. Regardless, my goal in life is to make a living of teaching Creative Writing because there’s nothing I love more than talking with people about something that I love.

I plan to compile a database of my favorite Creative Writing lessons as some point because sharing is caring, but that’s a project for the future and not something I currently have time for.

My Experience

Panelist (October 2016) – I was invited to be a guest author for one of Austin Public Library’s NaNoWriMo panels. I’m also applying to be a panelist at several conventions right now.

Badgerdog Teaching Artist (Summer 2015 – Present) – I’ve taught three summer workshop classes, one after-school workshop, and one Saturday adult workshop.

Private Creative Writing Coach (Fall 2015 – Present) – I frequently coach two young girls on creative writing, usually for an hour every week or so.

Special Education Instructional Aide (Fall 2015 – Present) – I work full-time as a teaching assistant in a functional academics classroom.

Guest Lecturer (November 2014, February 2015) – I was invited to guest lecture for two classes at the University of Massachusetts. For Comparative Literature: Spiritual Autobiography, I lectured on a cognitive analysis of Lincoln Steffens’s famous piece “A Miserable, Merry Christmas”. For The Psychology of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals, I lectured on the Spectrum of Asexuality.