My Writing

I am a published erotic romance author, but I don’t share that pen name out because I want to keep it separate from my identity as an educator (especially considering how many children I teach). I do plan to publish under my real name once I get a novel written that I’m satisfied with making my debut.

I write in a wide range of genre, though I tend toward specific themes regardless of whether the story in question is contemporary, fantasy, or science fiction. I enjoy social hierarchy and I’m always exploring it in my pieces. I like interesting world-building that includes social norms different from our own. I am a social justice advocate and that comes through in my stories.  I love exploring non-heteronormative co-dependent interpersonal relationships. I always, inevitably, have at least one LGBTQA+ main character because I fall in that spectrum myself and I believe in visibility. I believe in happy endings, but I also believe in realistic consequences. Overall, my writing is eclectic and I like it that way.

Current Projects

  • I have three short stories that I’m using to apply to MFA applications this year:
  • First Date, about a young couple on their first date who end up building the story of a different couple.
  • The Unicorn, about a bounty hunter who is moments away from achieving her life goal of retrieving a unicorn’s horn.
  • The Gamemasters, about two powerful figures who control a crusade with magical chess pieces.
  • Other than those short stories, I’m also always working on longer works. My current interest is a Mulan-type piece, but it is in very early drafting and therefore unnamed.