My Writing

I am a published erotic romance author, but I don’t share that pen name out because I want to keep it separate from my identity as an educator (especially considering how many children I teach). I do plan to publish under my real name once I get a novel written that I’m satisfied with making my debut.

I write in a wide range of genre, though I tend toward specific themes regardless of whether the story in question is contemporary, fantasy, or science fiction. I enjoy social hierarchy and I’m always exploring it in my pieces. I like interesting world-building that includes social norms different from our own. I am a social justice advocate and that comes through in my stories.  I love exploring non-heteronormative co-dependent interpersonal relationships. I always, inevitably, have at least one LGBTQA+ main character because I fall in that spectrum myself and I believe in visibility. I believe in happy endings, but I also believe in realistic consequences. Overall, my writing is eclectic and I like it that way.

Current Projects

  • An YA trilogy featuring an F/F romance and a competition for the crown of the kingdom.
  • An YA standalone featuring a genderfluid character and a magical city-state overrun with disaster.
  • An NA Arthurian-retelling trilogy featuring a M/F/M triad and a lot of cultural-diversity set at a magical, medieval university.



Panelist (Fall 2016 – Present) – I was invited to be a guest author for one of Austin Public Library’s NaNoWriMo panels. I have also given panels on writing tips and on analyzing media for many conventions including A-kon, Ikkicon, San Japan, and Ushicon. Click here for a playlist of most of my panels saved on my Youtube channel.

Badgerdog Teaching Artist (Summer 2015 – Present) – I’ve taught five summer workshop classes, two after-school workshops, and one Saturday adult workshop.

Private Creative Writing Coach (Fall 2015 – Present) – I give personalized creative writing lessons to children and teenagers, usually for an hour every week or so, while I guide them through their current writing projects, reinforce the basics of good writing, and teach critical reading skills.

Fiction Editor for the Smokey Blue Literary and Arts Magazine (Fall 2015 – Summer 2017) – Myself and a small team reviewed and chose short story submissions for five editions of the SBLAAM lit mag.

Guest Lecturer (November 2014, February 2015) – I was invited to guest lecture for two classes at the University of Massachusetts. For Comparative Literature: Spiritual Autobiography, I lectured on a cognitive analysis of Lincoln Steffens’s famous piece “A Miserable, Merry Christmas”. For The Psychology of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals, I lectured on the Spectrum of Asexuality.

Attendee to Creative Writing Classes & Workshops (2010 – Present) – I took two years of Creative Writing in high school with Jason Farr. I was in three fiction workshop courses under John Hennessy at the University of Massachusetts. I took an advanced workshop through the University of Texas’s extended campus with Tatiana Ryckman and one on plotting and story structure with Emily Carter.