My Gaming

I’m an avid gamer. I had to be with the family I grew up in. Table top, console, computer… I spend some time in it all. I’m nowhere near being skilled enough to play competitively in any game, but I enjoy beating my whole family at Clue and ranking fairly well with every new season of Hearthstone or any given LLSIF event.

Love Live School Idol Festival is my current gaming obsession and you can expect to find Youtube videos, tweets, and Instagram posts about it. However, I never stray far from Blizzard and I play Hearthstone with relative frequency. I’ll jump back into World of Warcraft when the new expansion comes out in August and I may take little time to explore Overwatch when it hits Open Beta.

Like most of my generation, I play every new Pokemon game that comes out (who’s ready for Sun and Moon?), as well as some other popular DS games. I enjoy Assassin’s Creed (Altaïr is my king, sorry Ezio). Kingdom Hearts is my childhood and I’m not ready for 3. The Final Fantasy VII remake looks spectacular.

I doubt I’ll post much about my gaming habits on this website, but it’s certainly a large part of my life so I hope you enjoy hearing about my exploits on my various social media accounts. Just for fun, though, here my favorites:

My Favorites

c9c8d4fe1f2a71e5215e09c08ade7fMy Favorite Assassin – Altaïr
(He’s my baby okay. I love his redemption arc. I love his relationship with Malik from start to finish. I just love him. Ezio is fine, but he doesn’t pay for his moments of spoiled brat-ness the same way Altaïr does. Altaïr is forced to reassess himself and fix his problems fast and he DOES IT. I just love that. I HATED Altaïr at the beginning and by the end I loved him. In one game. Ezio just can’t quite compare.)

My Favorite Skyrim Faction – Dark Brotherhood
(I enjoy the relationships between the members of the Brotherhood. Especially at the beginning when you’re still just a new baby assassin. I enjoy playing with this faction and I almost always go for it when I start a new character.)

My Favorite LLSIF Cards – Magician Set633idolizedNico
(This set is so gorgeous. The idolized versions are literally my favorite fantasy time period. Plus Nico has a sword. A SWORD! And the king-queen Maki and Kotori are so beautiful. And Honoka is so powerful. And Nozomi. And Eli. And just all of them.)

My Favorite World of Warcraft Class – Hunter
(I started playing WoW when it first came out. I was eleven at the time. Hunter was my first class and I just fell in love with idea of taming my own pet. I love questing as a hunter—hence why I’ve made probably over fifty of them in various races. Now, I have my Lvl 100 Dwarf Huntress and she’s the best.)

22389My Favorite Hearthstone Deck – Beast Hunter
(Considering Hunter is my favorite WoW class, is it any surprise that I enjoy playing Beast Hunter in the card game? My Pirate Rogue deck was a close second until they came out with the new expansion which basically killed that deck. But literally when I want to play a game I almost always click on my Beast deck. I have my babies in it too: my bestie King Crush and my beautiful golden Dreadscale.)

My Favorite Table Top Game – Clue
(Okay, I know it’s kind of a boring classic, but I love it. I love the movie. I love the different versions—I own Clue D&D and it’s awesome—and I love the simplicity of it. I’m a bit of a Clue champion too, which helps. Some of my honorable mention favorites are the WoW Board Game, Duel of Ages, and Betrayal at House on the Hill.)

My Favorite Pokemon – Misdreavus/Mismagius12e041c782333247dca3b8f71e15f8a6
(I love graceful pokemon. My favorite as a kid was Ponyta/Rapidash for that very reason. I love Altaria and Gardevoir and Ninetales… you get the picture. But Misdreavus and it’s evolve just captured me the first time I saw them—ha, pun—and I always catch one when I get the chance. When Pokemon GO comes out, you can bet I will trade away my soul for this baby.)